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Integration with toFHIR

Discover a hassle-free approach to deploying and setting up toFHIR for your healthcare data needs. With our user-friendly tools and step-by-step guidance, you can swiftly configure data sources, repositories, and interfaces. Focus on your healthcare goals while we take care of the technical intricacies.

Setup Diagram of toFHIR

To initiate the mapping process in toFHIR, the tool must be deployed in a data source center where it can access the relevant healthcare data. For instance, if the data is stored in a file system, toFHIR should be granted access to the file. Similarly, if the data resides in a database, toFHIR must have the necessary credentials and permissions to connect to and retrieve data from that database.

A repository is set up to store the mappings and jobs defined for the toFHIR server. This repository serves as a central location to manage these definitions. Additionally, the toFHIR graphical user interface module is deployed alongside the engine and establishes a connection with the backend server. This integration provides a user-friendly interface to efficiently manage the toFHIR tool, simplifying the process of mapping and job management.

Deployment and flow architecture of the toFHIR tool