Transform Any Data Source to
HL7 FHIR Resources

toFHIR is a high-performant and easy-to-use ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
tool to transform existing health datasets from various types of sources to HL7 FHIR.

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Key Features

Seamless Data Integration
toFHIR seamlessly integrates with diverse data sources, allowing you to extract data and convert it into FHIR resources with ease.
FHIR Resource Templates
Utilize our specialized FHIR resource templates that provide a structured framework for mapping your data into standard FHIR resources. These templates can be customized to suit your specific data requirements.
FHIRPath Expressions
Perform complex data manipulations with simple, expressive scripts that leverage standard FHIRPath expressions. toFHIR offers a powerful FHIRPath editor with advanced features, including smart auto-completions, making script creation easier and more efficient.
Extensive Compatibility
toFHIR supports a wide range of data sources, including file systems, SQL databases, Kafka streams, and more. No matter where your data resides, toFHIR has got you covered.
User-Friendly Interface
Our intuitive and user-friendly interface makes the ETL process a breeze. You don't need to be a coding expert to work with toFHIR - simply extract, transform, and load your data effortlessly.
FHIR Repository Integration
toFHIR enables you to configure a FHIR repository where the generated FHIR resources can be written. This ensures seamless integration with your existing healthcare systems and applications.

toFHIR has revolutionized our data transformation process. This tool has not only saved us
time and effort but has also elevated the quality of our data exchange within the healthcare ecosystem.

How to Get Started with toFHIR?

Connect your Data Source

Begin by connecting your desired data source to toFHIR. Whether it's a file system, SQL database, Kafka stream, or any other supported source, toFHIR makes integration seamless.

Define your Mappings

Utilize our specialized FHIR resource templates to define the mapping between your source data and FHIR resources. Customize the templates to suit your specific requirements.

Apply FHIRPath Expressions

Enhance your mapping process by applying FHIRPath expressions. These expressions allow you to manipulate and transform your data, ensuring accurate and meaningful conversions.

Test and Validate Mappings

toFHIR provides a built-in testing feature that allows you to validate your mapping definitions. Run tests to ensure that the mappings are working as expected and that the generated FHIR resources meet the desired standards.

Convert to FHIR

With your mapping in place, simply click the “Execute” button, and toFHIR will transform and load your data into FHIR resources according to your specifications.

Write to FHIR Repository

Configure your desired FHIR repository in toFHIR, the generated FHIR resources will be seamlessly written to the repository for further use and integration into your healthcare systems.

Prioritize Your Core Services, Let Us Handle the Data – Securely

At toFHIR, we believe in the power of focusing on what you do best: delivering value-added services. Leave the data management to us, ensuring that your data is safeguarded without us ever accessing or compromising its confidentiality. Your data, your way, with toFHIR.

Why Choose toFHIR?

Save Time and Effort

toFHIR simplifies the complex ETL task of converting various data sources into FHIR resources, reducing manual effort, and saving you valuable time.

Enhanced Data Interoperability

By leveraging the FHIR standard, toFHIR enables seamless interoperability between different healthcare systems and applications.

Flexibility and Customization

With specialized templates and standard FHIRPath expressions, toFHIR offers the flexibility to tailor your data transformations and mappings according to your unique requirements.

Easy Integration

toFHIR seamlessly integrates with your existing data infrastructure and allows you to write the generated FHIR resources to a configured FHIR repository, ensuring smooth integration with your healthcare ecosystem.

Robust Support

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you throughout your toFHIR journey, ensuring a smooth experience and resolving any queries or issues you may encounter.

Lets initiate a fruitful collaboration

Quickly and effortlessly develop your next-generation healthcare applications using toFHIR,
seamlessly integrating them with your existing healthcare systems.
We're here to assist you every step of the way in building the data platform of your dreams.

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