Improve your healthcare infrasturcture

Just focus on your value added services, we will care the data and security.

Decide on How You Prefer


As In-House Installation

If you have your data center and prefer storing the data in these serves, we offer licensing model per server which includes the support services, deployment, training, and yearly maintanance


As Cloud Service

We can securely (encrypted) keep your data in cloud hosted in one of EU countries based on your preferences or restrictions in a compliant way with EU Privacy regulations as well as your national/regional regulations. as Your Backend Clinical Data Repository

Develop Smart on FHIR applications, mobile health applications or healthcare applications on any platform by using the as your backend Clinical Data Repository and its FHIR REST + Web Socket APIs for storing or querying health data

See how you can setup your repository in 5 steps

Integrate your applications with existing systems can be integrated with EHR, HIS, LIS, etc and ingest the data in different formats and open the data via FHIR compliant secure services.

Our ingestion stack support a range of popular communication patterns (IHE XDR, KAFKA, etc) as well as popular health data formats (CCD/CDA, HealthKit, etc).

Our ingestion stack also support pull base (periodic pull base) integration with popular Cloud APIs for lifestyle and health applications (Fitbit, mHealth, etc) .

See how you can easily integrate with different systems

Perform healthcare analytics on

Efficiently run large scale healthcare analytics and machine learning algorithms directly on clinical data residing in

onFHIR provides a cluster computing infrastructure (on Apache Spark) on top of its persistency mechanism (MongoDB) where you can submit/schedule analytics task.