HL7 FHIR® Based Secure Data Repository

Get "Health Data as a Service"
for your healthcare applications to enable interoperability and security.

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What onFHIR.io Offers?

Enjoy a common, standardized, HL7 FHIR® compliant way for data access and storage for your health data.
Data Security
Secure your health data with our mechanisms for secure data exchange, fine-grained access control, backups, audit logs, etc.
Scalability and Performance
Enjoy flexibility of our system to handle records of millions of patients without compromising for write or query performance.
Compliance with EU Privacy Regulations
Easily comply with the current and forthcoming EU privacy regulations and member states’ data protection laws, and security standards for healthcare.

onFHIR.io helps us to pave the way for building a standard based common health data model
and integrating different systems coming from different partners in POWER2DM project.

What onFHIR.io Solves?

Data Integration Based On Common Data Model

Granular Data Exchange

Secure Health Data Storage Exchange

HL7 FHIR® Resources + Profiling

FHIR REST + Web Socket API

Security/Privacy Standards, Fine-Grained Access Control, Auditing, Encryption

Improve your healthcare infrastructure

Just focus on your value added services, we will care the data - of course without knowing what the data is thanks to our encrpytion at rest mechanism

Where Can I Use onFHIR.io?

Personal Health Apps and PHRs

As your secure PHR repository where your mobile or web based self-management or homecare applications can easily access to patient's data via FHIR compliant REST services. See our case study "POWER2DM" project.

Large Healthcare Facilities or Networks (HIEs)

As a secure central health data repository to enable interoperable health data exchange among different medical systems running in your organization while conforming privacy policies and access control rules.

Clinical Studies or Research Projects

As data integration platform among different data collecting systems or multi partner research projects and serve the data to your researchers or value added services with a common standardized model. See our case study "POWER2DM" project

Care Coordination Services

As a central common data repository to enable fine-grained data sharing among multiple care management systems for the coordination of care plan for patients. See our case study "C3-CLOUD" project

Remote Monitoring or Population Health Management

As your secure health data repository that enables easy integration of your different data sources (mecical devices, personal health devices, 3rd party personal health applications, EHR systems) and enable your applications to access the data over a common model.

Lets initiate a fruitful collaboration

Easily and rapidly build your new generation health applications on top of onFHIR.io while integrating with existing healthcare systems.
We will support you in every step to construct the common data platform you dream.

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Why is onFHIR.io Different?

Our HL7 FHIR conformance rate is at the top according to Crucible and Touchstone FHIR testing tools.

98% Compliant FHIR 1.8.0


With full compliance to HL7 FHIR as healthcare data exchange standard, and the new EU Privacy Regulations with advanced security mechanisms, onFHIR.io provides you an elegant solution to securely store your health data and enable interoperability among different medical systems.


Starting from 2004, by involving in many international research projects and large scale health IT infrastructure initiatives, we are able to provide invaluable insights for the technological and architectural issues in privacy preserved secure health data exchange.


Our friendly professionals are by your side in every step during the setup and maintanance of the system and freeing you to focus on your key responsibilities.

Result: High Quality Service

A unique business model that aligns our incentives with yours — by bearing your responsibility to securely store health data and enable health data exchange among different healthcare systems.